Running a business geared around products that impact people’s health is a great responsibility that we feel deeply and intend to honour.
In our daily activities, we have therefore adopted an approach based on a concept of care, always striving to be the best version of ourselves.


We strive for quality in every process and every product. Our R&D laboratory devotes a lot of resources to quality control, as well as customer service, in order to also raise the quality of the services we offer to patients.


This is what we bring to everything we do, aiming to act considerately towards those who work with us, those who will use our products and the planet in which we live.

Equality and parity

A company is a microcosm that must represent society and, if possible, also play its part in improving it, which is why we consider equality and equal treatment of all people to be more than just words.
With regard to employment, our workforce is equally divided between men and women, but – a rare case in a national panorama in which the female contingent becomes rarer higher up the corporate ladder – it boasts an almost entirely female front line: women at the top are not the exception. Work-life balance is promoted by effectively implemented smart working and part-time policies. Moreover, conscious that education is the most powerful weapon to fight gender-based violence, we are initiating a specific training course for all employees on male and female stereotypes to increasingly foster mutual respect.


Working ethically, with a focus on people, also means adequately remunerating the work of our employees and suppliers, as well as our investors’ capital.
Our commitment is to create a healthy working environment that stimulates skills and provides opportunities for every employee; to work fairly with suppliers; and to grow the business in an economically sustainable manner.